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Do more with your handbike!
From now on you can also use your handbike indoor, at home. Just retrofit your handbike into a hometrainer, connect it to your pc or notebook and you have an i-handbike™. On the screen you watch yourself training or when you are connected to the internet you even can race against your friends. Fitness exercises aren't boring any more. With the i-handbike you don't need to train outside when it's raining cats and dogs. Very usefull when you are preparing for the Paralympics or another sport event.

How i-handbike works
Install the Simultrainer software on your PC or notebook. Place the frontwheel in a bicyle (turbo) trainer (f.i. Tacx/ Minoura/ Kinetic/ Simultrainer) with (possible) electromagnetic brakes.

Solo session:
Choose your favorite course and train with - or race against maximum 30 virtual opponents. Equipment with force feedback reacts
automatically to falls and increases in the course. All this is reflected splendidly on the monitor of your pc.

WebRacing session:
Webracing™ of NetAthlon enables you to train and race online up to 9 players at the same time. Go to the Webracing Lobby (through Gamespy) and select your course and opponent and off you go! And of course you are able to talk to each other on the headset. That's real fun!

For whom?
Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere. Everybody at home or club who wants to train on a rainy day. For young and old and from amateur to top athlete who wants to exercise their body. Or in preparation for a sport event. All relevant data is captured by the software using Ultra Coach™.

Quick installation
The english handguide makes implementaion of the software easy and fast. The software is already compatible with a range of trainers, so you don't have to buy an interface, you only need the the Netathlon™ software.

Equipement and pricing of the i-handbike

a) the trainer
You first need a trainer with our without force feedback which you adapt to your handbike. Trainer with force feedback such as the Tacx iMagic costs €730 incl. VAT excl. cost of shipment.

b) virtual reality software
1.) If you have already a suitable trainer with electromagnetic brakes and forcefeedback you only need to buy the software of NetAthlon™ version 1.0. Salesprice € 99,95 incl. VAT excl. cost of shipment.
2.) Do you have a trainer without forcefeedback you need the Simultrainer retrofit kit, including an interface and NetAthlon™ software version 1.0. Salesprice € 225 including VAT, excl. cost of shipment.

Virtual Training on the moon!
NetAthlon offers you the oppertunity to try 10 different courses before you choose. Within 10 days you choose your 3 favourite courses. However the software comes with avatars on bycicles or mountainbikes, we are developping new avatars on handbikes.more>       

About us
People who are bound to a wheelchair are aware of the importance to stay in a good physical conditon. However the avarage wheelchair user doesn't exercise his body enough on a daily basis. So problems arise like overweight, inflamation on the bladder, indegestion and fatigue. Especcialy when you're getting older and you aren't a member of a sportsclub anymore. Fitnessclubs aren't a propper alternative, because the most of the equipement isn't adapted to wheelchair users. Therefore we looked for exercisers particularly built for handicaped people.
Because fitness training is a rather boring activity, we looked for a funfactor and found the training- and racesoftware of NetAthlon™, which enables you to play solo or in groups over the internet. So training becomes gaming. i-Wheeltrainer™ is introducing the i-handbike for handbikers or handcyclers. Later on we'll going to adapt indoor rowers and other exercisers for wheelchair users